Hey everyone! Recently I have hit 200 followers. I know it’s not many but I am really happy that I hit that little milestone, so in honor of my achievement and you guys I am doing a giveaway!

- Reblogs count ~ Likes DO NOT
- You must be following me, as this is a followers only giveaway.
- NO giveaway blogs, I will be checking!
- Sideblogs are ok.
- Reblog as often as you like, just please do not spam your followers.
- Winner will be selected by a Random number generator.
- I am spending a fair amount of money out of my own pocket on this giveaway, so no hate if you do not win please.
- You MUST reply within 48 hours, or else a new winner will be chosen.
- If you are under 18, make sure your parents are comfortable with giving me your mailing address.
- I will be sending the gifts directly to your mailing address to avoid extra shipping fees. I mean who wants that right?:)
- If you un-follow me directly after the giveaway, you will be blocked from future ones.

The Prizes!
- A Survey Corps/Scouting Legion Jacket in your size.
- Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin Manga OF YOUR CHOICE.
- Mikasa Ackerman Figure with stand.
- Eren Jaeger/Yeager Basement key necklace.
- A Survey Corps/Scouting Legion Bracelet
- A Survey Corps/Scouting Legion wallet in your choice of colour.
- And last but not least, a Colossal Titan Keychain :)

Ends on October 1st!
This Giveaway is also International! Yippe!

Good Luck ~